Media Mingle | What We Do
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What We Do

Public/ Media Relations

Public and media relations activities help the public understand you, your organization and your product. Media Mingle provides ongoing activities to ensure you have a strong public image. We deliver a well-designed communications strategy for any business or non-profit.

Social Media

Word of mouth is excellent small business advertising – but it’s slow, and may practically be non-existent for new products, businesses or up-and-coming individuals. If you want to grow your customer or fan base more quickly you have to self promote via social media.


Media Mingle’s social media team builds plans for small businesses with promotional ideas you may not have tried yet. We come up with out-of-the-box social media campaigns for you or your small business to effectively reach your target market, plus attract new customers and interest.
Are you a larger business? Media Mingle is equipped to take over your new social media campaign while existing staff pay attention to your ongoing social media needs. We’ll come up with the strategy, timeline and content.

Event Planning

Whether you’re looking for something creative and eclectic or traditional and classy, Media Mingle will handle all your event planning needs. Leave the details to us. Media Mingle can develop your event’s theme, arrange for speakers and alternates, write talking points and scripts, coordinate location support, décor and more.


Networking can be difficult if not done in the right setting. Sometimes you can get stuck talking to the wrong person — all night long. Now is the time to connect with the right contact and have fun doing it.


Our Signature Minute Media Mingle was originally created to bring public relations professionals and journalists together in a fun, relaxing, risk-free setting. Today, the speed-networking mixer gives any group of networkers a chance to meet one-on-one with like-minded professionals.


With an increase of popularity in Signature Minute Media Mingles, Media Mingle now hosts mingles during conferences and organization happy hours for bloggers and brands/corporations to share advertising and promotion prospects; students and professionals for mentoring and job searches; social media experts and more.


Do you have an event coming up and want a more structured, but fun networking session? Only the Signature Minute Media Mingle speed networking method is the way to go with our fun twist on otherwise commonplace networking events. (We promise!)


Media Mingle can write your next press release, opinion editorial, website content or craft an appealing story to reach out to donors or new subscribers in your next campaign. We can also edit copy for your target audience and offer consultation on tone, length and direction. Our former newsroom and marketing expertise will ensure your copy reflects your overall mission.


Don’t have the budget for a consultant or firm? Do you have staff in place, but you just need a jump start with ideas? No problem. Media Mingle authors whitepapers that you can purchase for a one-time fee. Download a do-it-yourself guide on how, when and what to do for upcoming digital media campaigns. Learn tips on who and how to pitch your next event to the media. Or learn what you need to get your press release or opinion editorial published in your local paper.